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Home Quality Mark & The Code for Sustainable Homes
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A step change in the design of domestic dwellings

The Code for Sustainable Homes and the Home Quality Mark are environmental assessment standards which measures the immediate and long-term impacts arising from the construction of newly-built residential dwellings. The aim of the standard is to minimise pollution levels, waste generation, water consumption, and CO2 emissions by promoting the use of sustainable materials and appropriate energy systems.

The Code for Sustainable Homes is set against a backdrop of strict criteria, some of which are mandatory and some of which are tradable [i.e. developers can select between the criteria once the mandatory requirements have been achieved]. Scoring is apportioned in accordance with the building’s energy systems, CO2 emissions, domestic water consumption, use of sustainable building materials, site drainage plans, on-site construction management and many other aspects of sustainability.

TWC Consulting have been involved in the delivery of the Code for Sustainable Homes since its inception in 2007, and to date has been responsible for the validation of over a thousand Code dwellings. With this level of experience the Consultancy is in a preeminent position to offer significant savings via value engineering and in-depth knowledge of the scoring system.

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The future of the Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code for Sustainable homes was wound down by the department of Communities and Local Government as a result of the Housing Standards Review, 2013.

In response BRE developed a new domestic housing standard known as the Home Quality Mark. The standard launched at Eco Build, 2015 and at present has significant uptake from the main housing developers.

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