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Anyone who has been involved in completing a BREEAM Assessment will understand all too well the difficulties that can arise during the validation of targeted credits. There are many examples of Assessments that fall by the wayside for one reason or another, which can lead to delays at Practical Completion, and disputes within the project team. In particular, as BREEAM continues to raise sustainability standards assessments have become more and more challenging to deliver with significant changes to the way each section is scored and validated.

With TWC Consulting the process of validating BREEAM Assessments is simplified.

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BREEAM Assessors

BREEAM Assessors UK

TWC Consulting enables project teams to achieve BREEAM compliance with regular updates, guidance on credit options, advice on risk-management and project specific support in relation to evidence submission. To date, TWC Consulting has been responsible for over 100 BREEAM Assessments from which it continues to share best practice and lessons learned with partners and stakeholders.

TWC Consulting can deliver all your BREEAM requirements in just one place. This includes; Education Buildings, Healthcare Buildings, Fire Stations, Multi-Residential Schemes, Bespoke Buildings, Industrial Units, Retail Units, Offices, Prisons and much, much more. The ability to offer this full range of BREEAM services is something our clients can have full confidence in, and something our competitors can feel truly envious of. The Consultancy is also an Associate Member of the BRE Academy [the centre of excellence for sustainable buildings], demonstrating a commitment towards sustainable development.

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BREEAM Assessors

In response to on-going demand for a “Fully Managed BREEAM Service” TWC Consulting are now offering a gold standard, which GUARANTEES the targeted rating for a development is achieved, whilst still focusing on minimum costs and value. To date this has included buildings with “Good, “Very Good” and “Excellent” ratings.

The TWC Consulting Fully Managed service identifies the risks associated with a BREEAM Assessment, and thereafter takes the appropriate steps to mitigate them. This involves close analysis of the development’s strategy, the building’s energy systems, site drainage plans, SBEM targets, pollution measures, site ecology, thermal zoning requirements and daylight calculations.

In most cases the greatest risk to a BREEAM Assessment is a lack of communication between the project team and the appointed BREEAM Assessor.

BREEAM Assessments

This risk is further exacerbated in circumstances where the BREEAM Assessor is appointed on an ‘Assess & Validate [Only] Basis’. Many examples exist where confusion and frustration mount as time barred credits are lost, and the evidence requirements needed to sign off targeted credits become disconnected.

With experienced BREEAM Assessors TWC Consulting is able to communicate and assist Clients with the many difficulties associated with targeted credits. The Consultancy becomes an active member of the project team and adopts a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. The appointed BREEAM Accredited Professional attends key progress meetings to ensure all credits are managed and the flow of information is maintained.