The Egan Report
The Egan Report

BY IN Blog On 12-11-2014

The Egan Report, [formally titled “Rethinking Construction”], was an influential report based on the workings of the construction industry and completed by Sir John in 1998. The main aim of the report was to outline a drive to push up performance levels and standards by focusing on issues such as eliminating waste, better leadership, quality control, customer relations, commitment to people, processes and working teams.

One of the key aims of the report was to put the client’s objectives at the centre of a construction project by advocating the partnering, streamlined supply chains, development of products, and implementation

In March 1999, the UK government’s Achieving Excellence in Construction initiative was launched to improve the performance – as industry clients – of central government departments, executive agencies and non-departmental public bodies. The initiative set out a route map with performance targets under four headings: management, measurement, standardisation and integration. Targets included the use of partnering and development of long-term relationships Against this background, other government departments began to recognise the impact partnering could make and to promote the approach.

In July 2001, as successor to both the earlier Task Force and the CIB, the Strategic Forum for Construction was set up by ministers under the chairmanship of Sir John Egan. On 12 September 2002 it published Accelerating Change, a report on its first year of activity. This report also underlined the potential importance of information technology in achieving greater integration, and set the tone for future UK government initiatives, notably the drive from 2010 onwards under chief construction advisor Paul Morrell to implement building information modelling on all UK public sector construction projects.

Click on the link to download a copy of the Egan Report.


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