Degree Apprenticeship
Degree Apprenticeship

BY IN Latest News On 15-03-2015

Degree apprenticeships to be rolled out by the Government which include the profession of Chartered Surveying.

This will be much welcomed news for those seeking careers as Chartered Surveyors as it provides a route into the profession whilst offering on the job training and employment.

The new degree apprenticeship has been backed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, EC Harris, Gardiner Theobald, and it’s hoped many more will follow.


The Prime Minister stated the degree apprenticeship provides applicants looking for careers in the professions with opportunities for employment, it creates a head start for those completing the course and it combines academic qualifications with a regular pay packet.

In essence the apprenticeship will provide prospective applicants who are seeking careers as Chartered Surveyors the opportunity to gain a degree without having to pay any of the associated fees as these will be taken up by the Government and the employer.

Up to two thirds of the course costs will be covered by the Government with the remaining costs to be covered by the employer.

It is believed the first degree apprenticeship will begin in September 2015 with over a 150 places confirmed to date. The length of time taken to complete the course will depend on the type of qualification gained and engagement of the employer.

TWC Consulting stated “anything that attracts more construction consultants into the industry, in particular Chartered Surveyors can only be good news. We are really pleased at the announcement and give it our full backing as it encourages trainees to take up one of the most rewarding of careers”.

If you want to find out more about the opportunities available for the degree apprenticeship and the route to qualification as a Chartered Surveyor click on the following links.


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