Site Timber
Site Timber

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There are now additional requirements under the BREEAM [UK] New Construction Technical Manual 2014 for all design teams to demonstrate in relation to site timber.

In order to achieve BREEAM compliance with this issue any timber used on site must be legally harvested in line with the following criteria;

  1.   The forest owner/manager must hold the legal use rights to the forest.
  1.   There must be compliance by both the forest management organisation and any contractors with local and national legal criteria including those relevant to:
  •     Forest management
  •     Environment
  •     Labour and welfare
  •    Health and safety
  •    Other parties tenure and use right
  • All relevant royalties and taxes are paid
  1.   There is full compliance with the criteria of CITES.

This means all relevant documentation demonstrating compliance with CITES has to be provided or made available on request [subject to the availability of such materials in the country concerned]. The policy requires all timber and wood-derived products to be from only:

  1. Independently verifiable legal and sustainable sources OR
  1. Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) – licensed timber or equivalent sources.

Further information on the UK Government’s Timber Procurement Policy and compliant responsible sourcing certification schemes is available from the CPET (Central Point of Expertise on Timber) website

If you need any further information in relation to BREEAM Assessments, please access our BREEAM page from the drop list above.


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